Where Can We Place Your Mortgage?

Mortgage brokers have access to many different lenders providing our clients with choice and options when it comes to a mortgage. There is no difference in the contract you sign with any lender we have access to. They contract to lend you an agreed upon amount, at a set interest rate, for a fixed term and amortization. You contract to pay the mortgage. The differences may lie in the additional offering from the lender such as prepayment options, warranty programs, penalty calculations. Our expertise can help you determine why two mortgage offers from different lenders with the exact same interest rate can be DRAMATICALLY different. We can explain the differences and the benefit of one lender over the other even when their rates are exactly the same.

We can place a mortgage with;

Banks – TD and Scotia and Manulife are great supporters in the mortgage industry as they work side by side with mortgage brokers. We have several other banks that work with us offering exclusive products and options

Credit Unions – Local credit unions often have flexibily in qualifying clients

Monoline Lenders – Internet based lenders who offer excellent portals along with highly competitive rates and products

Trust Companies, Mortgage Investment Corporations, Private Lenders – Offering solutions for clients that may be credit or income challenged. These lenders also offer mortgages in 2nd and 3rd position

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